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Lassen Creek

Lassen Creek, California


 JULY 15-17, 2016

Obsidian Needles, Mahogany Obsidian, Electric Blue Obsidian, Rainbow and Pink Lady Obsidian

This is really a nice outing for everyone. With some effort fine obsidian can be brought

home to show off to your neighbors. Doris is generally the field trip leader for this event.

Obsidian can be obtained in electric blue, pink lady, mahogany, and rainbow colors, and

obsidian needles. The electric blue area is about 1⁄2 mile from the campground. The other

obsidian areas are quite a way from the campground and you will need to drive to them.

Lassen Creek Campground is a beautiful grassy campground with large pine trees and

Lassen Creek flowing along its easterly edge. The campground is “approximately” 135

miles from K.Falls via either Alturas or Lakeview. The road into the campground is

approximately 10 miles north of Davis Creek on Hwy 395. Take Forest Service Road #30

from Hwy 395. It is about 4 miles easterly into the campground. A few signs with RAC

on them will guide you into the campground from Highway 395.

Lassen Creek Campground is a fine place to camp. The campground is a beautiful place

to camp and has a toilet. The campground is grassy, has big pines, and Lassen Creek

flows along the northerly edge of the campground. Lassen Creek is a good place for kids

(and adults) to splash around in. In case of a wildfire, small of course, make sure that you

have a shovel, axe, at least a gallon of water, and if possible a fire extinguisher.

Plans include a potluck on Saturday evening followed by a silent auction. Bring a few

rocks (or whatever) to contribute and a few bucks to buy the rocks you can’t do without.

Proceeds from the auction go to offsetting the costs of sending the club’s representatives

(Kathy and Alyssa) to the Northwest Federation meeting.

Bring tools for digging as most of the rock is recovered by sweat labor, except for the

needles that are fairly easy to dig. Tires are often an issue as obsidian is very sharp and

can cut a tire, fingers, feet, arms, legs, and pet paws. So bring a good spare tire (check to

make sure it is inflated) and know how to take the flat tire off and put on the one with air.

We had to do this last year and then drive into Alturas to have the flat fixed (actually had

to buy a new tire). And bring a good first aid kit.

Davis Creek Store has a fabulous bar-be-cue on Friday evenings starting about 4:30pm

that can certainly be one of the highlights of the weekend. Obsidian permits are required,

they are free, and can be obtained at the Davis Creek Store. Maps of the obsidian sites are

See Gem Trails of Northern California, specifically Lassen Creek, Fandango Pass,

Sugar Hill, and Davis Creek sites for more information.

Marv Stump  

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