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Plush Sunstone Field Trip

Sunstones Field Trip, Plush, OR

June 27-29, 2014


On Friday June 27th, in the morning, Garwin will be going to the claims and putting our yellow flagging on the upper part of the road into the claims. There will also be yellow arrows pointing the way to the claims. Watch for the yellow arrow on the main road. You are welcome to come out to the claims at any time.


Camping at the claims is dry camping with no hook-ups available. If anyone wants to bring along a porta-potty you are welcome to do so. The area around the claims is mostly sagebrush. There are very few rattle snakes, scorpions and black widow spiders. Garwin has never seen a rattle snake on his many trips to the claim, but always be careful and aware of your surroundings when at the claims. Restroom and regular camping are available at the public dig area if there is space available.


If you have never been to the claims make sure you have good tires and a good spare – flat tires can be a problem. The road is 10-15 miles of rough gravel which makes for dusty travel. When driving down the road help keep the dust out of your car by keeping your windows closed and open vents or turn on air conditioning to pressurize the inside of your vehicle and keep the dust out.


The collecting area is about 56 acres and there are several ways to collect sunstones. You can just pick up sunstones on the surface (having polarized sun glasses will help you to see them on the surface). You can hard rock mine the stones trying to get a larger piece or the brighter colors. Plan on bringing shovels, sledge, picks, hammers, wedges and screens. Bring plenty of water and other cold drinks, lunch, sunscreen, bug spray, gloves, chairs and shade if you want to make a day trip of it and your camping gear if staying overnight. You are welcome to come out at any time to the claims.


Road to the claims begins in Plush, OR. Take the road heading north out of Plush. First 8 miles is good black top changing to gravel. Turn right on road 3-11 and go about ½ mile. Turn left on 6155 heading north going about 9 miles of rough gravel road. Turn right where road 6155 and 7145 split. (Road 6155 goes to public dig area, do not take this road). Follow 7145 for 2.3 miles to yellow arrow on the left side of road. Turn left and continue on this side road about 3.4 miles. If you get lost stop at other mines in the area and ask for directions. Don’t follow road 7145 north or road into claims or it will take you 100 miles into Burns, OR.


About 4 square miles of the Lake Country sunstone area have been withdrawn from mineral entry and established by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) as a free public collecting area. This sunstone area is located off the northeast flank of the Rabbit Hills about 25 miles north of Plush and 80 Miles northeast of Lakeview. Maps, directions, and information on road conditions are available from the BLM District Office in Lakeview. Medical help is available at the Dust Devil commercial mine on the road to the public area.


If you have never gone to the claim or dug sunstones, it is a long drive but well worth the trip for a fun day for all ages and skill levels. Bring a friend and open their eyes to the fun of rock hounding. If you have any questions call Garwin at 541-882-8276 or Don at 541-884-3322, and we hope to see you there.

If you need a map with the directions, PLEASE email me, and I’ll get it off to you immediately.  You can also download a copy here, in a pdf file.


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