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Fossil and Yadenite Trip



   On July 7th the Klamath County Museum and the Rock & Arrowhead Club will host a field trip for fossils and yadonite. The location will be near the “NEW” facility in the same location as it was held last year. Parking will be at the south end of the NEW parking lot. Kids and adults alike will find this a very interesting field trip. We will meet at the NEW parking lot at 9:00am.

   There are two parts to this field trip. One part is for looking for fish and aquatic fossils, and the second part is looking for small yadenite rocks.

Last year, many fish and other aquatic fossils were found as well as the yadenite. Tommy Wells, a local geologist, will be on hand to help with locating and explaining the fossil finds.

   The yadenite is located on the west side of the road going to the NEW facility. Most of the yadenite is small ranging from marble size to golf ball size. The rock club will offer to tumble a portion of the rocks and then make the tumbled rocks available on July 21st at the museum.

   This is how we hope to make this work. For those who want to have some of their yadenite tumbled we will return to the museum meeting room at 10:30am. At the museum, the plan is to issue a ticket for a rock, or maybe up to five rocks, and then on July 21 the tickets could be redeemed for the same number of tumbled (polished) rocks. The ticket would be for a polished rock as it would not be possible to identify the same rock turned in for polishing.

   Leah will do the tumbling and we will have the tumbler at the museum so people can see how it works. We are asking that as many club members as possible help with this field trip. Please show-up at 9:00am. You can also collect fossils and yadonite.

                                                Marv Stump

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