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Majuba Mountain Area: Rye Springs Reservoir

Majuba Mountain Area – Nevada

This is a new area that the
club has not explored before.
It contains gold, tin, silver,
and many more minerals
and is located westerly of
Rye Springs Reservoir. Our
primary interest when Leah
and I were there many years
ago was quartz crystals
of which we found many, including a 24 pound cluster.

Logistics for the trip still need to be worked out.

There is a campground at the Rye Patch State (Nevada)
Recreation Area (SRA) located on the southerly end of Rye Patch
Reservoir just off I-80. The Majuba area is located westerly of Imlay,
Nevada, which is located on Interstate 80 about halfway between
Winnemucca and Lovelock, somewhere around 360 miles from K.
Falls either through Lakeview or Reno. A good discussion at the April
meeting might disclose more good things about the area
The river campground at the south end of the SRA has 22 camping
units, flush toilets, hot showers, and a sanitary dump station with
potable water. The westside unit has 25 units, flush toilets, and hot
showers. Cost is $14/night with a camping limit of 14 days in a 30
day period.
Phone: 775 538-7321
E-mail: ryepatchsra@gmail.com