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Rockhounding event offered Saturday

   A rockhounding event will be offered at 10 a.m. Saturday, July 11, by the Klamath County Museum in cooperation with the Klamath Rock and Arrowhead Club.

   The main object of the event will be a search for “yadenite,” a type of stone found only in Klamath Falls.

   The event will be held at a private location north of town. Take Highway 97 and watch for signs at Wocus Road. Participants should bring a small shovel or rake, a bag or bucket for gathering stones, and drinking water.

   Information: 541-882-1000.


Coming Events for this month are:

 Rock Club Meeting Monday July 13th @ 7 PM Klamath Museum


Coming Events for next month are:

Rock Club Meeting Monday August 10th @ 7 PM Klamath Museum

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  1. Rick Jacquot says:

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  2. H J Dezotell says:

    I drove in from Beatty a couple of months ago. Klamath County Museum was closed, No cars , no directions. Disappointed making a 100 mile round trip. Us newbees need better directions??? …dez…

    • Webmaster says:

      Sorry you missed the meeting… The club meetings are always the second Monday of each month @ 7pm. The only month there is not a meeting is December.

  3. Ron Peters says:

    March when? Just can’t wait. …!

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