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Coming Events for this month are:

 Rock Club Meeting Monday Sept 14th @ 7 PM Klamath Museum


Coming Events for next month are:

Rock Club Meeting Monday Oct 12 @ 7 PM Klamath Museum

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  1. Hello,
    After 35 years as a classroom teacher, there is one thing that I have learned. Students, young and old, love and need to empirically explore the natural world around them.
    I will be returning from Idaho in early August with a trailer load of stream material filled with Idaho gemstones. Let me know how this could interest your group, institution or school.
    I will have, mainly, all types of Idaho’s state gem, the garnet. Pyrope, almandine, spessartite, and grossular.
    In the stream material, however lots of various other gems like quartz, magnetite, agate, etc. show up.

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